Dottling Safe

Safes By Döttling


Worldwide, Döttling luxury safes find homes among connoisseurs and enthusiasts. They come from the Döttling factory in Sindelfingen – in the heart of a region, which contains well-known companies like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and which represents Swabian ingenuity like no other. What makes these objects so unique is the unparalleled beauty standard and unique quality.

At Döttling, quality safes are handmade in a traditional way. When the passion of restorers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, saddlers, painters and security specialists harmonize with the requirements and preferences of our customers, an individual masterpiece is created that captivates the generations because of its functionality and Of its beauty.
Before creating a masterpiece of the art of engineering, thorough planning is required. In a sense, one could say that, before manual labor, the head works. At Döttling, expertise in technology and planning dates back four generations, combined with the preferences of our customers, which gives rise to singular pieces.
Döttling has been working in the tradition of traditional German locksmith craftsmanship since 1919. Even today, every Döttling product goes through the doors of almost 100 years of Döttling’s manufacturing experience in Maichingen.
Today, Döttling locksmiths and safety experts always work with passion and expertise on all types of safes and safety furniture, just as they did at the beginning. Then, as now, the golden key above the door of the mother house bears witness to its tradition of the finest German locksmith and forging craft.